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We have been manufacturing & fabricating high temperature textile products for over two decades. Beginning as a producer of fiberglass cloth, we have evolved into a multi-division custom manufacturing powerhouse that maintains excellence by focusing on producing the highest quality product engineered to meet your specific needs keeping in mind the bottom line on all projects. We specialize in High Temperature, High Performance Textile for the Welding, Heat Shielding, Maintenance and Insulation Markets, and Proscenium Fire Safety Curtains for the theater industry, providing excellent quality, service and value pricing in all areas.

THERMOTEX threads each product with decades of testing, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we produce the best products in the industry and advise clients on the optimal product for their applications. At the heart of everything we do, you will find the Products of Innovation and a high dedication to our customer's requirements. We strive to produce leading-edge, value-engineered products, and is always working on new applications. If you have a need, just ask us. We're here to solve problems and develop custom solutions.

Industry History (We're Old!)

For years, the industry standard for fabrics in high-temperature resistant fabrics market was asbestos. Asbestos possessed many unique characteristics, most notably its high-temperature and abrasion resistant properties. However, in spite of its broad usage, there were temperature and performance limitations.

In the 1970's, with government legislation and pressure from the insurance industry, asbestos usage began to wane. New textile products such as fiber, glass, silica, ceramic, para-aramids, and carbon blends were developed and began to









replace asbestos. In 1981, Thermotex Industries, Inc., entered the market with the objective of weaving fiber glass in, wide and narrow, heavy weight ASBESTOS-FREE fabrics to meet specific customer needs. The business grew in the U.S. and overseas.


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